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A Documentary short/10 minutes taster (later to become a full-length documentary) from Queer Coffee Productions, looking at the daily obstacles faced by Kolby who is Transgender.


Through this film, Kolby wanted to highlight certain aspects of being Trans which aren't necessarily openly discussed, or shown through media.


Kolby's raw honesty and confidence to share such personal information regarding his transition and daily life will hopefully educate others and encourage the wider Trans community to speak out and share their stories, or take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.


There is a lot of Transphobia in the world, but by using the power of truth through media, we hope to be part of making an end to that.

So, this has been a real labour of love.

At the start of Summer, myself and Kolby sat down for one of our queer coffee dates and I mentioned that I wanted to make a documentary short to be sent off to a few local film festivals. Kolby was immediately on board, and within a few months we got some material together.


To send the film off it needs to be 10 mins...I ended up with 2 hours of footage, all of which was very gripping, and entirely relevant.


I have worked my arse off getting this down to 10 minutes, and whilst it's not my best work and something I am not entirely happy with (due to the fact that I know how it could look and how much more could be in it), this is your 10 min taster to HE, HIM, HIS.


Thank you Kolby for being so invested in this and being your beautiful, honest and true self.

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